4 thoughts on “Review- Ohana Tenor Ukulele (TK-39)

  1. Look forward to you putting baritone tuned strings on this uke. I have an Outdoor Ukulele that I use Fremont Blackline Bari-Tenor strings on. Seems more compatible with my voice.

  2. Looking forward to your review of the Baby Baritone Strings. I have tried both the set offered by Pepe Romero Jr and the ones offered by Guadalupe strings. I tried them on both a solid spruce top/maple tenor and a solid cedar/mahogany tenor. After a few weeks, I ended up putting using the D and G strings from the Guadalupe set and the B and E strings from the Romero set. I have my Pono Master Series Cedar/Mahogany set up this way now and like it a lot. Freemont also mades a set – but they feature a Hi D string. I haven’t tried them.

  3. My TK – 39 arrived from Mim’s today. It sounds great, was set up perfectly by Mim, so it’s a joy to play. It is strung with the usual Aguila Nylguts. I really like the feel of the Aquilla’s, but not so much the sound. Also, and this is strange, but, with the white ukulele strings and the double maple (I think) stripe running down the neck to me its very distracting. They almost run together. So a change in strings is next. Preferably not a white et of strings.

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