6 thoughts on “Comparison- Two Outdoor Tenor Ukuleles

  1. Thanks for doing the tenor first. I have to say it was kind of hard for me to hear to much difference through the computer. As of right now I am going to get the carbon one, but I think I will probably wait a bit. I want one just because I want one of each. LOL The small difference I could kind of hear wasn’t so much that it makes me want one sooner then later. Thanks again for doing the review. 😀

  2. The black carbon did not sound 15%, or any amount brighter to me, In fact, the brown standard sounded brighter, at least to my ears, thru computer speakers. Are you, at some point, going to give us your take on this Vic?

  3. The carbon tenor sounds brighter with a sense of fullness. (More sustain?) I listened through ear buds on my iPad. 15%? I can’t quantify that. So, … LOL. $40 worth of difference is hard to justify but I do prefer the black carbon tenor.

  4. Thank for this review, very useful when it is not possible to do real test by my own.
    Brighter or not is hard to say. It subjective, but the carbon ukulele sounds more root and also a little metallic and I like that.
    Have a good day.

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