2 thoughts on “Review- Outdoor Tenor Ukulele

  1. Vic; thanks for the unboxing and review videos. I live in Oregon where these are made. I own a carbon tenor model, which I bought to be resistant to my grandchildren. I like mine a lot. As to construction: aside from the tuners, the Uke is basically two pieces of plastic glued together around its entire circumference. It fits together like a clam shell.

    I agree that these OUs have sufficient sustain and volume. Also, the action on mine is excellent and intonation decent but not perfect. I would guess that uniformity between their models is exceptional, regardless of the color chosen.

  2. Very nice review. This is actually my favorite uke. I have 3 and am going to be ordering the black one as soon as it is available again. I too would like to see side dots, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. I added them myself and even used glow in the dark vinyl. LOL Again, loved the review.

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