2 thoughts on “Review- Makala MK-B Baritone w/Living Water Strings

  1. Vic, as you own both, I am curious about your impression of the sound differences between the all solid mahogany kala baritone, and the laminate mk-b? I am in the market for a new baritone, and currently own the kala ka-b laminate baritone, which I believe is almost identical to the kala mk-b you purchased.

    In your experience, are the tonal characteristics (warmth, fullness, loudness, sustain) significantly better in the kala solid mahogany baritone, or would you characterize them as just being “a bit better” than the kala laminate? (i.e., would one be “wowed” by upgrading from the ka-b to the smhb or just mildly impressed?) I ask, as I like the ka-b, and if there is only a small difference in tone between it and the solid mahogany uke, I might look at a different kala baritone, and keep my ka-b as well.

    Almost all the reviews I have seen on the kala smhb sing its praises, except one prolific baritone player who owns many kala baritones, commented that the smhb sometimes sounded a bit muddy when strumming vigorously. Listening to online HMS sound samples, the ka-smhb sounds almost identical to the solid acacia baritone, but then many of the sound samples focus primarily on fingerpicking, so direct comparisons are hard to make. As acacia is sometimes referred to as “hawaiian mahogany” I would expect them to sound similar, but I would like to get a better handle on any potential “muddiness” when strumming the kala smhb. As it is so difficult to compare these wihout actual hands on experience, I thought I would reach out to you and ask about your impressions.


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