2 thoughts on “Review- Pono MTD-CR Tenor Ukulele (Part 1)

  1. Good Morning Vic, I purchased the MTD CR about a year ago. It came with Ko’olau Alohi’s, high G. They really sounded great (I guess so, Pono Ukulele Ko”olau strings). So after almost a year I changed to Living Water, High G. To my ear, Living Water Strings may be a touch too mellow for a cedar topped ukulele. Again, a matter of personal taste. We all hear things differently.

    I have a set of Living Water Low G Baritone Use strings on order. Can’t wait to tune that GCEA and hear that booming Kamaka Baritone sound. I see you also like the Sherrin Threads Straps, I have different ones on all my uses. Enjoy the day, Jim Nugent AKA JJFN on UU.

  2. Hello Vic, I have been playing the Pono for about two hours, What I noticed is that it isn’t necessarily easier to barre, but it is easier on my left hand. I was playing jazz with a lot of barre chords, and my left hand was not sore or tired. As I said not easier to play the barre chords, but easier on my arthritic left hand. Just an observation.

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