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Things I wish I would have known- Part 3

Last June I purchased my first baritone ukulele from Hawaii Music Supply. I wanted to try something new as I was in the process of gravitating toward larger ukuleles from the soprano. Buying the baritone was one of the best decisions I have made while playing the ukulele.

It is a very versatile instrument especially since it can be played in many tunings. Other size ukes can too but they really don’t handle the lower tunings well especially the linear DGBE. The baritone can also be tuned to a reentrant GCEA. Some people like the way it sounds when tuned that way and some don’t. I do but I still think the tenor is better for that tuning.

I do like having more room on the baritone fingerboard to make chords. My hands are average size but my fingers are short. I still feel very comfortable with the fingerboard. For me personally, on the concert and soprano fingerboard sometimes the chords are more difficult as I don’t have enough room for my fingers.

Recently I posted my first two videos to YouTube. Both songs, Amazing Grace and Fur Elise, were played on my Kala Baritone. I received many comments about the tone of the instrument. Many people really liked it. I do too. It is currently strung with Aquilla 21U strings. I really like the way they sound and my older hands like that fact that they are not too hard to press down. The tension is perfect.

Yes, the baritone is a fun instrument. I only wish I had purchased one earlier.

Amazing Grace

Fur Elise


I retired in the Spring of 2015. My free time is spent with my family and playing my ukuleles.