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One Year Ago Today

October 16, 2014 is an important day to me. It was the day I purchased my first ukulele.

In the last year many ukes have come and gone but one thing remains- the joy of playing the ukulele.

The uke community is really special, especially the Ukulele Underground Forum! I have learned a lot there and met some very nice people.

One of the fun things I did during this last year was attend the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree. In 2016 they have expanded it to take place over a two-day period. I am hoping to attend and maybe someday, teach a class.

As I continue on my musical journey, I hope to post a video of me playing/singing and doing reviews of various ukuleles.

Again, it has been a great year. If you have visited my blog in the past or are here for the first time- thank you. I hope to post more in the future.



I retired in the Spring of 2015. My free time is spent with my family and playing my ukuleles.