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Welcome to my first post on my new ukulele blog. To learn more about me you can check my “About” page but suffice it to say I am not in any way an expert on the ukulele. I am really more of a student. In fact, I tell people I am a proverbial student. I love to learn and have done so for 62 years.

It was last year, October 16, 2014, that I purchased my first ukulele. It was on a Thursday and it was a Cordoba in a tenor size. It was a nice uke that I recently sold. In these last five months I have bought and sold a few ukes but gravitated towards the soprano size. I think it is because I love the sound of the “standard” uke. I don’t really want another guitar, in fact I don’t own one. I wanted something new and the uke is it. I do own one concert size and one tenor but the rest are sopranos or long neck sopranos.

This blog will be a work in progress. I am hoping to share what I am learning about the ukulele,  post some pics and do some ukulele reviews. I certainly have a few ukes to write about, that is for sure. Yes, UAS, is real! That stands for Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. I have struggled with it but have not found a cure. For now, I hope you enjoy the blog and return often.


I retired in the Spring of 2015. My free time is spent with my family and playing my ukuleles.